Employee Substance Abuse 

24/7 On Call Service

WNY Occupational Health Care provides substance abuse testing during normal business hours and 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with our on call service.

The testing is provided for Pre-employment, Post Accident, Return to Duty, Follow Up, Random and Reasonable Cause. All testing is performed in accordance with applicable State and Federal Regulations.

Breath Alcohol Testing is available. This testing is performed in accordance with the Department of Transportation guidelines for Evidential Breath Testing.


A variety of different test panels are available. Hair testing is also available. All testing is performed in accordance with applicable State and Federal Regulations.



Occupational Health Care can provide services that include:


Current Program Review

Eligible Employee List Management

Collection Site Selection

Medical Review Officer Services

Random Selections

Comprehensive Written Policies

Onsite Testing

Statistical Record Keeping

Consortium Management

Employee and Supervisor Education 

Ready Access to Certified Substance Abuse Professionals

Stay In Compliance

WNY Occupational Health Care can also provide Third Party Administration (TPA) services for employers who are required to maintain compliance with Federal Regulations for random testing and statistical record keeping. In addition many employers may choose to use a TPA to manage their company program.

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